Monday, December 29, 2008


Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, otherwise known as Baguio Cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of Baguio City, where the Bishop's Palace is located. His Emminence, Carlito J. Cenzon, C.I.C.M. is the incumbent Bishop of the Diocese. In this file photo, His Emminence is with Rev. Fr. Leon Dapyawen, during the latter's 50th year celebration as a priest on December 26, 2008 at the Baguio City Cathedral surrounded by all priest serving the Diocese. The Baguio City Cathedral shall be celebrating its 100th year of existence as a Church. Sister Ankualite, a retired nun staying at the Bishop's Palace told us that the stained windows of the church have biblical connotations including the inscriptions with the images of the saints surrounding the altar.
It has separate building for Baptism including a Reception Hall where the celebrant may hold a gathering to celebrate the event. The reception hall can accomodate as much as 150 persons. The place is cool! Located in an adjacent building beside the Baptism area.
The door of the Church is usually important in choosing a place where the wedding is to be celebrated. Many couples or experienced photographers and documentors engaged in wedding documentaries recommends a church that has a big door. Baguio City Cathedral have this quality. It's the romantic effect that they are after whenever the wedding march begins. "The Wedding March" is one of the most important segment in wedding production. The door is usually kept closed when its the Bride's turn to march. The bride is being photographed from the outside with her long veil, facing the door. On the inside, the door slowly opens creating a silluette effect as the bride marches into the the aisle. Weddings are once in a life time affair its the romantic aspect that professional photographers and videographers loves most in covering weddings.